Hallway for one-room flat – advices

Every hostess dreams to have a cozy and functional hallway. Rational design on a hall is a very important question for one-room flat.  We hope you will find designers’ advices helpful on this matter.

A well-considered and planned design of the hallway will help you to clear out its area.

Anteroom is a visiting card of a house, so it needs to be not only functional, but also to have an esthetic look.

Finishing agents of walls and the ceiling should be chosen so it could be possible to have a wet cleaning. Paintable or washable wallpapers and special panels, petramix, bayramix and others will be the most suitable for the hallway.

Tiles as a floor covering would be very practical. Fine ornament, which looks like carpet, will make the room cozy.

If possible, a big closet that could fit all the things should be installed in an anteroom. However, not every one-bed flat has a big hall. Don’t be upset, the simple advices will help to use maximum of the space:

  • Hanging closets for offseason clothes.
  • Mirrors could expand the visual space.
  • Light tone will increase the volume of the room.

The most popular option which is able to fulfill any requests is a carcass system. This approach can help to provide the needed amount of storage for items and sliding decorative panels will help to unload and transform the hallway area.