4 Secrets of ideal wardrobe

The dream of every fashionista is to have a separate room for wardrobes, which will be filled with new clothes. In the small-sized apartment this luxury is unlikely, however owners of large apartments can definitely afford it.

Convenient location

Designing your house, you can either create and general dressing room for all family members, or to separate the male part of the family from the female. If there is no extra room, you can use the attic space or move-in wardrobes in the basement (if they comply with this). A good option could be to place it under the stairs case to the second floor or attic.

Ample furniture

In any case, the requirements for the arrangement would be the same for any dressing room, however the most important is the availability of sufficient space for all the things. Compartment with mirrored doors would be ideal as a cabinet for dresses; chest of drawers would be a perfect choice for cute accessories, underwear, stockings, socks and other stuff.

Convenient system

Even for a small apartment to become quite ample, things have to be hanging in levels on the pillars. The length of each of them must be at least 120 cm for each family member. At the same time, it is desirable to hang things systematically, not to rush in search of the necessary items.


Enough light

An important element is the lighting. Even if the room has a window it is vital to have a good chandelier and a light in the mirror. Lightning, floor mats or plain laminate, as well as small canapés or ottomans of the dressing room should match its style and design features.