15 White Bathroom Design Ideas

White bathroom is a symbol of elegance and wealth. Some believe snow-white room to be cold, however, the white shades primarily associate with purity and freshness and help to relax your eyes after long bright days.

White is a very practical color for bathroom interior as it can be combined with a vast variety of shades. Moreover, this feature allows you to update the interior with changing just a few things, as for example textiles.

When choosing minimalist style white color is a priority. It harmoniously emphasizes the severity of lines and shapes, as well as visually increases the space by reflecting light from walls and furniture.

If you have windows facing the garden, white bathroom will allows you to enjoy the outside scenery without any distractions. Light shades are practical as they can hide water drop spots.

Different types of finishes: ceramic tile, mosaic or stone will perfectly complement the interior. The combination of dark floors with white walls will reinforce contrast.

Black and white interior will always to be relevant and will create classy, interesting design and wooden elements will bring some warmth to the room. You should always remember of taking a good care of wooden elements, as it will increase their durability.